Review: The 6:41 to Paris by Jean-Philippe Blondel, Alison Anderson (Translation)


The dual narrative provides a psychological and emotional glimpse into old wounds of two former lovers as their paths accidentally cross after many years. An emotional and affecting train ride. Tension builds as each party reveals their recollection along with feelings of hurtful event.

Characters revisit choices made in youth, regrets, hurt, anger all untangled as the story of the former lovers is exposed. An inadvertent meeting sparks a journey of healing when all is said and done. A raw old wound cleverly and openly exposed with the remorse, and anguish blistering to this day, a fateful meeting providing closure after much time has passed. Reflection of past and present and what could or could not have been.

Anyone enduring hurt of any kind without closure will relate to this story. I personally found my own experience parallel to the two characters. Luckily my offender tracked me down after 20+ years to apologize and seek forgiveness – accepted and granted. His olive branch offering provided much and was an unexpected surprise, needless to say it made a huge impact in my life. Youth is ignorance but cruelty is never acceptable.


Paperback, 170 pages
Expected publication: November 10th 2015 by New Vessel Press
ISBN13: 9781939931269