Review: The Last Weynfeldt by Martin Suter, Steph Morris (Translation)

25329990Adrian Weynfeldt is an art expert in an international auction house, a bachelor in his mid-fifties living in a grand Zurich apartment filled with costly paintings and antiques. Always correct and well-mannered, he’s given up on love until one night—entirely out of character for him—Weynfeldt decides to take home a ravishing but unaccountable young woman.  As their two lives become entangled, Weynfeldt gets embroiled in an art forgery scheme that threatens to destroy everything he and his prominent family have stood for. This refined page-turner moves behind elegant bourgeois facades into darker recesses of the heart.

Adrian Weynfeldt initial comes across as empathetic, passive almost a misfit, suffering from bouts of melancholy, he’s a bit lonely. A true gentleman, he can’t seem to shake his proper upbringing mixed with painful moments of the phases of his life. As we become more intimate with Adrian we learn he is quite street smart, savvy and a keen observer, extremely aware of both self as well as surroundings including peers. His stealth side really kicks in when he becomes involved with the dicey Lorena. Lorena a blatant user borderline grifter, however she displays a conscious, which is questionable in its intent. When these two first meet you wonder if they will ultimately compliment each other, but we quickly discover differently. Ultimately the tables turn and Adrian becomes the puppet master.

Great twist, a wonderfully crafted story proving the good guy finishes last and prevails, along with judging a book by its cover isn’t always wise. Adrian is memorable without a doubt.

Suter entertains the reader through his details and characters. He strings the peruser along creating a build up, including a few twist and turns until the curtain reveals the apex towards the end providing a more than satisfying reading adventure. Excellent glimpse into the captivating art world.


Paperback, 280 pages
Expected publication: February 9th 2016 by New Vessel Press
ISBN13: 9781939931276


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