Review: Rose of Sarajevo by Ayşe Kulin


Set against the backdrop of the crisis that rocked the Balkans in the 1990s, Rose of Sarajevo reveals the tremendous lengths people will go to in the name of love.

Kulin provides a condensed history lesson of the Bosnian war which sets an affecting backdrop for the main protagonist and her family. The reader will be well versed in Balkans history, full of details matched with a plethora of political players to say the least.

With the backdrop in motion you become emotionally invested with Nimeta along with her family as they find themselves in the midst of unimaginable unrest as survival becomes paramount. The devastation of war, the horrific ethnic cleansing, bombing, the starving, rape and torture, the murdering are vividly depicted through the lens of numerous characters, quite compelling, disturbing.

Nimeta is a woman embroiled in an affair causing her distress as she finds herself ripped apart by her duty to husband and family or exiting to her lover’s embrace for a life of happiness. Agonizing over her situation, her life In chaos, her turmoil is plausible and palpable, ringing true to the reader.

Kulin’s writing style paired with dimensionality of characters never disappoints. Her ability to tap into the emotional and human side of protagonists always present.

Kulin crafts an incredible narrative with fascinating characters stirring the reader with a memorable reading journey. An important story encompassing life, love, friendship and family during a time of madness.


•Paperback, 268 pages
•Published August 26th 2014 by AmazonCrossing (first published 1999)
•ISBN13: 9781477824870


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