Review: London Road: Linked Stories by Tessa Smith McGovern


On the morning of her release from prison, the hottest day on record in England, Janice Bailey makes her way to a boarding house in London, and discovers a bizarre new world.

This collection of linked short stories begins with ‘When Janice Bailey Walked’, an award-winning story first published in the Connecticut Review, and continues with six more stories as told by the eccentric residents of Number 17, London Road, thus illuminating a little-known side of the most beautiful city in Europe.

McGovern creates such compelling, vivid and fascinating characters under the roof of 17 London Road. These women are dealing with life as best they can, overcoming adversity, some have paid a hefty price, you find yourself rooting for all of them as they attempt to reconcile their choices, hoping to forgive themselves of affronts. Enjoyed all the women, saddened when the stories ended, I admit I wanted more. McGovern whetted my appetite for wanting to know what the future holds for this charming patchwork of memorable females.


•56 pages
•eChook Digital Publishing LLC (March 21, 2011)
•March 21, 2011


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