Review: Two for the Road (Stories in Pairs, Set 3) by Ekta R. Garg



Ah, summer. Long days full of warm sunshine and one of the most popular times to travel. But what happens when something throws your travel plans off course?

Ekta Garg has returned with more great Stories in Pairs. I simply adore Ekta’s short stories, I look forward to their emergence every few months, always a delight to read, the latest installment is no exception. Such originality in her stories interconnection adding dimension and a puzzle effect for your additional reading enjoyment.

Excess Baggage brings us Allison. I felt empathy and respect for Allison. Overworked, spent, she just wants to unwind from her hectic business travels but…can’t refuse to help her besties sister with a place to stay before she and her boyfriend leave for vacation. A rather disorganized travel duo, I have a feeling Allison will have her hands full as we were left in suspense. I identified with Allison, been in her shoes on one too many occasions. Looking forward to seeing what transpires for the entire trio. Ekta is a master at artfully connecting the first story with the second, subtle but known.

Wrong Way introduces Rachel and Jim. I laughed with this story. Can’t tell you how many Rachel’s I know with the dreaded visit to ‘monster-in-law’ AND the overhearing of Rachel venting on the phone of her feelings regarding hubby and his mom. Need I say tense car ride between hubby and wifey as they visit Jim’s mom.

As always Ekta delivers plausible instances, filled with fabulous dialog and well-developed characters. Every single one of her stories feels as if it’s taking place right in front of you as you utterly relate to what’s being presented. Ekta is original and her creativity is endless evident throughout her Stories in Pairs. Always a joy to read, touching the peruser in one form or another. I’m hooked!!


•Kindle Edition
•Published June 30th 2015 by Prairie Sky Publishing


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