Review: Airplane Rides: Observations From Above by Jake Alexander


Airplane Rides follows a highly successful, but emotionally isolated, real life finance executive through actual conversations had with seatmates. The work takes place over a ten year period and is multidimensional across both the passenger stories told and the moral evolution of this modern day nomad who serves as our narrator.

As I read each story I chuckled to myself as I toyed with the question of Would I bear my soul to a total stranger 35,000 miles in the sky? NOT. But that’s just me, I’m a privacy nut, very few are privy into my secret garden.

The narrator Jake Alexander comes across as arrogant and elitist. On paper he seems as warm as a polar vortex but… his hard exterior seems to crack with every encounter, the true meaning of the stories those have shared with him over the years sinking in – or so it seems through his voice. Pearls of wisdom, learning through others mistakes, successes, situations appear to slowly penetrate tough guy Jake.

Still I couldn’t shake the fact the stories felt heavily embellished not to mention they carried nothing of great significance, nothing earth shattering. I will say Jake has the gift of writing, his style is elegant and evocative. Perhaps Jake exudes a warmth, a talent for extracting confessions, maybe it’s his eyes forcing people to dig deep within releasing torments causing pain. On paper I find it difficult to believe a stranger would share a shred of depth with good old Jake, guess we’ll never know until we embark to the friendly skies and he’s our seat mate. Entertaining read with a fabricated feel.


•ebook, 156 pages
•Published December 29th 2014 by Smashwords Edition


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