Review: Death Row Chaplain: Unbelievable True Stories from America’s Most Notorious Prison by Earl Smith, Mark Schlabach


Educational, raw, extremely provoking. Smith hammers forgiveness, the waste of revenge, and it is never to late to rewrite and redirect your life – change is possible. A very candid account of Earl Smith, his calling to preach – which is affecting, and his experience serving as chaplain in one of the toughest prisons in the country. A man possessing a true gift of communication, a man demonstrating integrity, opening his heart and soul to God with the hopes of making a difference in others lives. An incredible reading journey. Smith provides the peruser with plenty to consider as well as discuss.

I was all over the place emotionally after reading this book. Smith cites examples, takes you into the bowels of prison life, the anguish of victims families as well as convicts families, his own experiences, the overall task of survival in prison life, however, he manages to describe all this with a level of neutrality and honesty. He will tell you his own thoughts and views along with why he feels this specific way, in other words, he gives plenty of back up in his responses. Admittedly I found Smith’s account to be disturbing, a hardcore reality check. I’m still pondering all I read, he has manage to redirect my thinking by reconsidering certain opinions I carried prior to this reading. Memorable story, unforgettable man, his honesty is arresting.


•Kindle Edition, 256 pages
•Published May 19th 2015 by Howard Books


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