Ugly People Beautiful Hearts by Marlen Komar


•Kindle Edition, 96 pages
•Published March 13th 2015 by Marlen Komar

Ugly People Beautiful Hearts is a poetry book with over 70 poems that explores loneliness, quiet sadness, bursts of happiness, and contentment over the fact that everything you have, will eventually go okay. But that’s sort of beautiful in its own right.

It has verses moving between the feelings of loving someone, feeling loss, trusting the night sky, losing your light, resolving that hurt is beautiful, and finding compassion in a stranger’s smile.

Komar’s poetry collection affected me greatly. I not only connected with her prose but I felt her words. It’s as if she crafted the words, thoughts and feelings with the emotion I carry in my heart as well as life experiences. If you have ever loved, lost, failed, endured, you will undoubtedly find solace and correlation to many in her collection. A panoramic glimpse of life, a kaleidoscope in variety.

Simple yet profound, you will find Komar’s poetry filled with raw emotion and truth. She writes what the masses feel, eloquently presented. All ages will enjoy verses filled with joy, melancholy, a nudge remembering the past, a moment in time reflected, no matter you will find pleasure in Komar’s numerous poems.

A beautiful collection I encourage all to explore, both tactile and visual stunning the peruser. Marlen Komar is clearly a gifted poetress, I look forward to reading more from this über talented woman.

Personally I enjoy all the poems, however, my favorites –
Too Much of a Good Thing
Hours Gone
Blue is Blue
Have Courage, My Love
When I Go Missing
A List of, Essentially, Loves

About Marlen Komar13666655

Me = Chicago writer. Barefoot in the summer grass walker. Moonlight in hair braider. Sky pooling underneath skin bruiser. Sad eyes seeker. Broken heart holder. Mended heart owner. Wind’s name inquirer. White clover picker.

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