More for the Heart by Ekta R. Garg


•Published April 7th 2015 by Prairie Sky Publishing

Garg crafts another fabulous short story duo with the exception being these two stories provide a backstory to her previous dynamic duo in Two for the Heart. See full review of Two for the Heart.

Making The Proposal
Pooja and Akshay – one memorable couple with an affecting story. They certainly touched my heart in Two for the Heart. Originally we were given crumbs as to the full disclosure on how these two met and all that followed. Now we know this wonderful couples full story. I loved how Garg filled in the blanks, totally adore this couple even more.

Rose and Helen. Two sisters estranged, reunited through tragedy. Once again Garg fills in the blanks as to the depth of the two sisters estrangement. We have better insight into both Rose and Helen along with their intricate and complicated relationship as sisters and women. Garg closes the veil of mystery surrounding these two as well as the shocking story, all comes full circle.

Once again Garg delivers with pitch perfect dialogue, emotionally compelling characters with spot on narratives. Her imagination and creativity strike gold with her unique theme and link in her stories. An authoress clearly stepping out of the box succeeding. Needless to say I am anticipating her next collection, never disappointing.


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