3 thoughts on “LAST CALL – Sign Ups for Literary Blog Hop

  1. I’m not a blogger, but I just wanted to say how excited I am for this! I’ve been reading YA/NA stuff for ages and haven’t looked through much literature to see if anything sparks my interest. It’ll be great to see a bunch of people recommending books in a different genre! Some of my favorite books growing up fell more into the literature realm than that of YA, and it’ll be great to maybe find a book or two that tear my attention away from the flashy YA for a bit 🙂

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    • Oh Sarah it is so much fun. You will discover a few unknown gems, along with other fabulous reads. Keep in mind GC are offer by some participants as well. When Judith hosted the turn out was more, my first time hosting and participation is minimal. I haven’t mastered the fine art of visiting and commenting/liking other bloggers posts, not exactly a feather in my cap when hosting a giveaways/hop is you don’t socialize frequently -my bad 😦 I do hope more people decide to participate – the more the merrier. I look forward to seeing you hop and enjoy all the goodies offer, spread the word Sarah! Thank you for visiting and commenting. Looking forward to hearing from you when the Literary Blog Hop launches!! Have a great week!


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