Like A Box Of Chocolates by Justin Bienvenue

Like A Box of Chocolates cover

Bienvenue certainly possesses an abundance of creativity. The preface explains the titles of poems were determined by votes from family and friends, not all titles reflect direct content. By disclosing this bit of information Bienvenue establishes his innovativeness.

I enjoy poetry I can relate to, a poem inciting reflection, or provoking thought, heck blatant creativity and an artsy edge is appreciated too. Bienvenue provides poems both transparent and opaque, all filled with originality and sleight. His poems are contemporary with a majority rhyming in structure. A few poems are incredibly deep, some minutely detailed, a handful will make you chuckle. An esoteric vibe is present which I immensely enjoyed. A great way to wet your feet in the poetry genre or for those looking to expand your horizon with a talented variety of well penned poems.

A handful of my favorites I’m you’ll enjoy as well –
Razorblades and Revolutions
The Chemist
Skeleton Sex
The Strawberry Room
The Prophet

Take every notion, feeling, experience and expectation that you have on poetry and throw it up in the air, just take everything you’ve ever known about it and toss it aside. Not because the boundaries of what makes it so are being broken, and not because simple fundamentals and poetic structures are being altered, no that’s not it at all. Simply take a deep breath, relax and remember that nothing is off limits, nothing is too right or too wrong or completely outside the box(pun totally intended). So untie that bow, put your hand on the corner and open…open the book and take in that fresh page aroma and all the splendid “flavors” that is poetry.

Read Excerpt: Marshmallow Street

Justin Bienvenue
My name is Justin Bienvenue, I was born in and reside in Massachusetts. I am a friendly and outgoing person. Always enjoy meeting new people. I graduated high school in 2006. As an author and poet, I have three published books, A book of Horror Poetry entitled, The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore published in 2011 and a Western Horror, A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West published in 2013 and Like A Box of Chocolates published in 2014. While I mainly enjoy writing poetry I have recently expanded my horizons and started writing stories, narratives and short stories. I enjoy writing and it always makes me satisfied to have others enjoy my work. I like to be creative and different, always trying new things. I have a background in creative writing which really helped me develop my writing and expand my imagination. When I’m not writing I also enjoy playing games and watching sports such as football, baseball and basketball. I also enjoy the outdoors, always playing sports whenever I get the chance and going for walks to gather my thoughts looking for my next best creative idea. Some of my interests include, History, Egyptology, Ufology, The Wild West and The Civil War.

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