The Painter by Luccini Shurod

An intimate story that bears a reflection of Luccini Shurod’s life and the beloved experience of falling in love for the very first time.

“Now drawing four fingers up the sides of her stomach, my hands create a kind of invisible wave that sounds beneath her skin. Molding her torso every which way as if it were clay for me to experiment, I study the lines of her iridescent form flowing in a rhythmic beauty that fascinates me into this fixation. My finger circles around the rim of her belly button as if to enjoy the sounds that might come from a crystal glass. Her every touch absorbs my ability to discern thought as I become rested in this feeling of absolute ecstasy. Life without her I know would indefinitely destroy me, having already solemnly delivered my spirit to this angel that comes down to be with me.”

Recognized as a child prodigy Shurod’s ability to draw and paint garnered much attention and recognition. His childhood somewhat unconventional yet he was immersed in love and possessed the ability to love fiercely.

As he enters adulthood he encounters love with Nadia. Destined for turbulent times, this forbidden love failed to prevent Shurod from shying away. Shurod dives in and casts hesitation, cultural differences and vulnerability to the wind and gives his mind, heart, body and soul to Nadia.

Shurod’s prose is lyrical and affecting. His love, passion and deepest feelings seep from the pages. His emotions bared as he reveals his nakedness, his heart hemorrhages intensity, elation and the depths of despair.

Shurod in true artist form begins his story with blank pages, draws the outline and magnificently adds colors to create a masterpiece with love as his paintbrush.

Elegantly written as a sensitive and capable man tells the story of his first love as he enters the beautiful and brutal labyrinth of love. A man allowing his emotions to be unleashed as he candidly shares his intimate story with unbridled fervor.

As a reader there is nothing more affecting than hearing a man share his love story through his voice without fear, his heart open, this is exactly what Shurod crafts in The Painter. With an artist guiding the writing implement you know you are in for quite a story, blatant as the story unravels with the turn of every page. A love story indeed, Shurod’s artist soul is apparent as you read his passionate story.

Paperback, 384 pages
Published September 18th 2014 by Luccini Shurod
ISBN13: 9780692298084


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