Daring Do
Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I was behind a ( one of the two vehicles involved, car A) vehicle involved in a head on collision. After the sound of metal crunching, the dust settling, driver A was in his truck, looking to be unconscious. Cars pulled over to assist. I called 911 and they asked if the driver of car A (closest to me) was alive, breathing etc. I relayed I had no idea, no one approached his vehicle. Dispatcher said to check for carotid pulse. No one around me would perform the required task, it was up to me. I cannot tell you how petrified I was but I knew it was an immediate necessity. I prayed children, blood, and carnage was nonexistent. I opened the door, the driver was upright, head bend down. No blood, no gore. I felt for his pulse, praying I would find at least a faint throbbing. Sadly there was nothing, the young male driver was deceased, mostly likely from the force of impact. Devastated and traumatized I was deeply affected for quite a while. I wish I could have helped, it’s rather haunting not to have been able to help with a positive outcome. I thought about the driver that night, knowing family and/or a loved one was receiving horrible news that evening, their life forever changed. Days later I scanned the newspaper in hopes to learn more of the driver. He was 30 years old, recently engaged on his way home early from work to his recently purchased first home. This occurred years ago, I still see his face and think of him when driving down the stretch of road where collision took place. A memory I wish I could erase or have the end result dramatically altered in a favorable outcome.


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