Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday. Bobby and I eyed each other since Kindergarten. Braid pulling, teasing, crayon stealing, yeah the boy was clearly smitten as I batted my doe eyes and he flashed his infectious dimpled smile – no denying the mutual attraction. Our admiration escalated, finally in third grade Bobby manned up and decided to stake his claim and capture his long awaited prize, secretly I was more than thrilled. Our mutual friend Brad declared a lunch time game of Truth or Dare under the oak tree on the grassy field (finally my lucky break). The tension permeated the air, finally all eyes on Bobby as Brad proposed Truth or Dare. Obviously Bobby’s intellect prevailed, choosing wisely – DARE. Oohs and ahhhs followed as the apparent dare was declared: Bobby kiss Melinda. Giggling, peers chanting, we both turned a lovely shade of puce. Awkwardly we approached each other, eyes locked, lips licked, currents of excitement shooting up our spine. Face to face, anxiety eating us up alive, anticipation a killer. He clasps my hands and gently pulls me towards him. Closing my eyes, his lips like velvet so smooth and soft, I swear I saw fireworks. Reluctantly we pulled away, smiling, our friends elated, congratulations proclaimed, back slapping, peppered with questions. Over in a minute but in my heart both Bobby and my first kiss etched forever. After school that day he asked me to be his girl, I accepted, remaining until junior high. Bobby was a beautiful human being and we remained the best of friends until his passing three years ago. Bobby I miss you more than you know, thank goodness for memories.



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