Why Not? Conquering The Road Less Traveled by John Brown

Cerebral Palsy, a developmental disease impacting motor coordination, affects 3 out of 1,000 births. While medical intervention such as physical or speech therapy, ambulatory aides like wheelchairs or braces, help a child achieve a productive life, John Brown was determined that he would leave his mark on the world. Born in the early 50’s with a type of spastic CP impacting his gait and balance, but leaving his speech intact, John and his strong willed mother fought against the times’ conventional wisdom and doctors’ predictions that he would never walk. After completing a degree in broadcast journalism, he embarked on a 44 year career as an award winning Philadelphia radio disc jockey, traffic reporter and meteorologist, retiring in October 2013.

Such an inspiring memoir sharing multiple poignant messages, eliminate the word ‘CANT’ from your vocabulary and life, TRY everything even if it’s a miss, maintain a POSITIVE attitude and outlook. Sage words and advice from a man dealing with an extended challenge from birth as John Brown tells of his past, present and future.

John Brown tells of his life with Cerebral Palsy. He begins with childhood through to his retirement. As you read John’s story his challenge becomes invisible as he never uses his CP as a crutch, or an excuse, rather a vehicle propelling him to forge ahead no matter the hand dealt. He has CP but CP doesn’t have him. His positive outlook is evident, he zest for life apparent and his fearlessness to try new things apparent. He sets a wonderful example for all to follow.

His mother played a key roll in his attitude, she never treated him ‘differently’ and she disregarded physicians early bleak prognosis. John continues with his story and the reader learns of his wife and her influence in his life as well. No doubt this man is blessed with a strong line of support by family and extended family. Donna (wife) shares her feelings regarding life with John in a loving candid manner.

John’s story is honest, filled with humor and unfailing optimism you’ll find yourself motivated and heady from the intoxicating impact of John’s words and actions. He also provides advice for those dealing with disabilities.

A wonderful story full of inspiration and encouragement. A man limited only by the limits he sets himself. John Brown is an example of living life on your terms even when aspects are out of your control, embrace your imperfection and live life to the fullest no holds barred. Lovely memoir.

If you take away anything, it’s that you can succeed despite having the odds stacked up against you . That you should not be afraid of failing because in failing there is learning . Find something you really enjoy doing and give it your all and be the very best at it . I know these are all clichés you’ve heard before, but they are true .

Paperback, 178 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (November 3, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1478742265


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