Certainty by Victor Bevine


“God. Justice. The rule of law. And do you never find those to be in conflict?”

As World War I closes, sailors at the Naval Training Station in Newport, Rhode Island accuse a beloved clergyman of “sexual impropriety”, ensuing a controversial trial. Based on the true event Newport Navy Vice Scandal of 1919

Social injustices infuriate me, I know this event occurred in the early 1900’s nonetheless, I found the ignorance, and lack of acceptance of diversity difficult to bear and comprehend. This event could repeat itself today in any manner, which caused further angst. Imagine being publicly accused, witch hunted and having to defend yourself with questions forever lingering on your ‘behavior,’ guilt or innocence.

I found the trial aspect with its many twists and turns extremely interesting along with the many characters. You are left questioning man’s actions, morality, behavior and thoughts along with the questionable lengths people will go.

This provoking novel explores the fine line between right and wrong, good and evil. An unflattering event marring our nations history, fingers crossed we learned from our mistakes failing to repeat such a monumental grievance again. You seriously ask yourself post Great War our politicians had nothing better to remedy or investigate but rather instigate THIS travesty? Leaves you scratching your head in disgust.


Paperback, 308 pages
Published October 21st 2014 by Lake Union Publishing
ISBN13: 9781477825457


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