Gypsy: Memoirs of America’s Most Celebrated Stripper by Gypsy Rose Lee

imageI have always found Lee to be a very fascinating woman, I attribute this to not knowing a whole lot about her outside of vaudeville/burlesque. I was always left wanting to learn more, a certain mystique surrounded her adding to my curiosity. I decided to read her words and story in hopes of discovering more.

Once again I find mystique surrounds Lee. Her story is fairly generic, she doesn’t divulge a plethora of information, rather just enough to add clarity to the audiences assumptions. Really no surprises were revealed from her mighty pen. She throws in bits and pieces of her unconventional childhood, and overbearing conniving mother. Describes vaudeville forward to burlesque. You recognize her business savvy giving merit to her being far more than a pretty face.

Mentioning her son Erik is about as personal as Lee manages. No reference to the father of her son or her romantic relationships discussed.

There are plenty of historical references tossed about serving as the source of navigation since Lee omits specific dates in referencing her life experiences creating a level of frustration for the reader.


In all certitude, Lee possess a quiet grace, perhaps this can be a credit for her strong desire for privacy. On stage she revealed just enough and it carried over to offstage. She is a legacy an enigma to her fans, a lady, and memorable in many ways.

Published July 15th 1999 by Frog Books (first published January 1st 1957)
408 pages
ISBN13: 9781883319953


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