Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six by Jessica Buchanan

Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by imageSEAL Team Six
Jessica Buchanan

A harrowing and heartwrenching memoir of humanitarian aid worker Jessica Buchanan’s kidnapping by Somali land pirates, her three months in captivity, her rescue by the Navy SEALs, and her husband’s extraordinary efforts to help bring her home.

Held hostage for ninety three days by drug addled Somali pirates Jessica Buchanan shares her story. I have no idea how this steel magnolia kept her wits about her but Jessica did. She remained calm, cool and collected while facing the most frightening experience of her life. Always thinking, trying to recall her training seminars regarding kidnapping she made the best of her situation while trying to remain as safe as possible given the circumstances. Not knowing from minute to minute if death was next, endless threats from her captors, this brave woman mentally and emotionally faced the situation amazingly. Facing deplorable sanitary conditions as well as a pre-existing condition and other health challenges due to poor hygienic conditions, this woman relied on hope, faith and the ultimate goal of seeing her husband and family while living with the unpredictability of her kidnappers. Jessica depended upon her strength, intelligence and sheer will, despair was never an option, an inspiring woman by all accounts.

Her husband Erik – a humanitarian worker as well, and her immediate family share their feelings and thoughts during this most difficult time. A trying and emotional time for all and each one demonstrated strength, hope and faith. Collectively held captive in their own way until the race to rescue Jessica was complete.

Infamous Seal Team Six was summoned – due to their heroic efforts and expertise successfully rescued Jessica and her co-worker from their captors. I salute the US Military as well as specialized operations groups such as the Navy Seals and others for their tireless endless sacrifices and selflessness.

Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm with baby boy

Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm with baby boy


A riveting story of strength, hope, faith and heroics by all parties. A wake up call in realizing the risks humanitarian workers take while trying to improve the quality of life for others. A labor of love despite the high risk.

Recommendation: 3/5


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