Ade by Rebecca Walker


A young biracial American girl travels for a year with her best friend. While in Africa, the friends go through various individual changes. Traveling to a remote island off the coast of Kenya, she falls in love with an African Muslim man, Ade.

The reader can’t help admiring Walker’s exquisite writing. Her words are full of emotion and depth leaving you agog.

The unnamed narrator sheds layers of her old self like a snake molting. We are privy to her metamorphoses as she discovers who she is as she feels comfortable and at home exploring different countries, traditions and cultures. Her falling in love with Ade is innocent and beautiful as their hearts and feelings unfold and contract. Slowly love develops, as these two souls from contrasting worlds blend uninterrupted as you remain hopeful their union fails to become irreparably disjointed.

“Again, I felt a sense of belonging- the slow, irrational dissolution of the self I had known, and another core truth of being emerging in concert with the landscape.” –

Thoroughly enjoyed this novella, however, I felt it was too short and subsequently underdeveloped.

Recommendation: 4/5


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